School has been very stressful since we got back from break. I think all of our teachers are running out of time, so they are dumping work on us, which is not fair. I try my hardest to get everything done, but for some reason, I have been wanting to not even try to complete my work because I feel like it is impossible. I hope nobody else feels this way and doesn’t have to much work piled up.

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Kindness Rock Project

I hope whoever gets my rock needs this in their new year. I have struggled with finding comfort in the past few months and hope to receive that somehow this year. Life can be hard without people that you need and it is good to not feel alone.


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The Outcome of CBC


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I am not sure if I mentioned this in any of my recent blogs, but we had our CBC competition over the weekend. My team and I prepared for this for months and were more ready than ever. Our biggest competition was Bellefontaine and we have previously beat them at a different competition this year. On Saturday at CBCs, we performed perfectly. We all pushed through and gave 100%. We were pretty confident we would win. But, at the beginning of the routine, our coach started the music wrong. She accidentally played the other team’s music and had to stop it very quickly to then play ours. When awards came, we were devastated to see Bellefontaine get first place and we get second. We were quite confused because as we got our score sheets back we only lost by 2 points and had almost perfect scores in every category. We then looked at one of the score sheets to see that the technical difficulty with the music was a deduction of 6 points. We could have won by 4 points and that is extremely upsetting. It was hard to accept that. We lost over something we had no control over because we did everything we were supposed to and got almost perfect scores on our part. As much as I want to give up on the season, I am excited to go to the state competition in March. If our music can be played correctly, then we can shut Bellefontaine down and gain our title back.


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Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I like to dress up, but it really doesn’t matter as we get older. Trick or Treat was Saturday and by Wednesday I didn’t even remember that Wednesday was the actual Holiday. It is sad that many things get a lot less exciting as we get older:( Birthdays also feel like this sometimes, as well as Christmas morning. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the simpler, more exciting times of life.

Comp Season

Here in the next month, my team has our first 2 competitions within a week apart. I am really excited to see how we do because this has been my favorite and only good start to the season. My freshman and sophomore year, the season started out awful. But now, even though we only have 6 members, I am confident to see where we will go this season.

We really are working hard to win CBC’s because we lost the winning streak last year and it would be so nice to get that title back. We also want to prove all of the negative people wrong. There have been many girls this season that quit. That really put down our confidence and was a small setback. Making a routine containing only 6 girls is quite difficult, but we ended up creating an amazing routine. We had a choreographer come to our practice and she helped us with small changes that made a huge difference. Many girls that quit have been saying we will do bad this year. One of them made the comment that they want to come to watch us compete to see how bad we do. There is nothing to do about these comments except make it more of a reason to try really hard to prove them wrong.

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Is Cheerleading a Sport?

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I think that this is a very harsh topic. Many people have their strong own opinion about this. It is very hard being a cheerleader and getting discredited about it. We work really hard for what we do and it takes a lot. Cheering on the sidelines for football and basketball is not as much activity as cheering at competitions, but I would still consider them a sport. Tumbling takes a lot of skill and it takes a lot of mental stability as well. It is hard telling yourself to go upside down and hoping you come down on your feet. It is hurtful when people say cheerleading is not a sport because our competition practices can be very hard at times. It takes a lot of getting in shape and a lot of preparing for competitions. To me, the ignorant ones say cheerleading is easy or effortless.   Continue reading “Is Cheerleading a Sport?”

How I Balance Cheerleading, School, and Social Life

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Taking on the Balance

Trying to balance school, any sport, and your social life is very difficult. While most times I try to let the balance come to me, but that is not how you will find it. In life, you have to create the balance and take on that responsibility.  Nothing gets handed to us too well. Working for what you want and need is how you will achieve it. Good things do not normally come easy, we have to work for them.

Life as a cheerleader

Cheerleading is basically a year-round sport. We don’t get a break. We have try-outs in March to start out the season. We start practicing a few weeks after try-outs to get ready for the summer and fall. Through the summer, we have a few camps that we attend and those are hard to get ready for. When fall comes, we have football that we cheer for, which is only about 10 weeks. Although we only have games on one night of the week (Friday), we practice on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Luckily, we get Saturday and Sunday off. That may not seem like a lot, but it adds up very quickly.  Those practices during the week don’t include the fundraisers, tumbling practices, team bonding, and competitions. We start out competition season in the fall and it lasts through winter. In October is when we usually start practicing for basketball season, which lasts until around February. Basketball season is busier because there are two games a week, sometimes three. Once basketball season is over, we get a few weeks as a break and start again with try-outs in March.

How I Balance

Just because I am writing about how I balance does not mean that I do it well. In fact, it is very difficult for me to balance everything in life. I am taking six college classes as a Junior and it gets very stressful. College professors are not anywhere near as friendly and understanding as high school teachers are. I have to deal with that in my online class. Having an online class is hard because, besides all of the classes I have during the school day, I have one more to worry about that I don’t have time for. Having so much homework from my classes at the high school along with the online work is very hard but it just means I have to create balance. Normally I come straight home after practice and start to work. I use up my study hall as well, which really helps. Finding that balance is having to work hard and be committed to your work and grades. If you are not committed, you will not find the motivation to work hard all day. Even when I am not completely done with cheer and tumbling practices until about 9:00, I still come straight home to work.

How I struggle with Balancing

Something that is hard for me is balancing my social life with everything. While cheering on Friday night is a fun social event, I do not give myself much more. I hang out with friends on Saturday nights, but that is about it. I don’t make much time for my family or my friends during the week. When you don’t have time for your family is when you know you have really over-booked yourself. I never seem to find time for myself either. Relaxation is a big key to being able to get through the day. Since I am normally up pretty late at night doing homework and I never just chill out and rest, my body gets drained out. Our bodies need rest and that is something I struggle giving myself. Being busy is a hard thing to work with and we need energy for it. Something I need to work on is opening my schedule for relaxation and family time. It is a much-needed thing in everyone’s life.